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Melior’s training modules and Learning Management System are available to Corporate Accounts with unlimited accessibility and premium tracking features. The courses can be purchased via secure online credit card transaction, and invoicing is available with approved credit. This LMS is ideal for organizations requiring large-scale training.

Corporate Accounts access Melior’s industry-leading interactive courses, with unlimited access at unlimited locations. Any computer with an internet connection will take employees to the training modules. Melior’s bookmarking feature allows users to return to the exact place they stopped, regardless of time or location of log-in.

Quizzes and tests are evaluated upon completion, and feedback is available immediately. These results will display all test questions and the user’s responses, with the correct answers highlighted. With a passing grade, certificates of completion will be available for printing.

With no limit on locations or employees accessing the courses, Corporate Accounts may appoint multiple user role options. District Managers, managers, hiring managers, employees, and applicants all have unique levels of access and features available to them. District Managers have the highest access to tracking and reporting features, including employee course histories and enrollment reports, while Managers are responsible for the training of employees at their location. Hiring managers screen applicants and will benefit from Melior’s Assessment Tool. Employees will have access to their own current, open courses, as well as the option to view their personal history.

Melior’s Assessment Tool allows managers to assess employees and applicants in five areas of automotive basics: Brakes, Suspension and Steering, Engine Performance, Automotive Electrical / Electronics, and Heating-Ventilation-Air Conditioning. Hiring Managers will benefit from pre-hire evaluations of applicant skill levels, and District Managers will be able to assess strengths and weaknesses of their employee base. The Assessment Tool allows management to focus training content where employees need it most. Location reports of assessments and progress will be available to management.

As an additional benefit, corporate accounts will be automatically enrolled into MRP. Melior Reward Program offers users tier course pricing, dependent on the number of modules purchased corporate-wide on an annual basis.

Corporate Accounts may also choose to customize their training modules with their company colors and logo. This corporate branding adds an exclusive, personalized presentation to the courses. Approved corporate logos will also appear on course completion certificates, making the entire training course tailored to your company’s image.

Melior’s Corporate Account LMS features limitless access and premium features, making it the ideal solution to large-scale training. Click here to read more about our interactive courses or you can sign up here.

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